Hot Chocolate Decadence

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This pack of goodies is set to help you through the colder months but is a treat anytime.

Award Winning Organic and Vegan Certified Drinking Chocolate from Trade Aid

Chocolate Spoons from the wonderful people at Devonport Chocolate.

And our huge ChocolatePost Mug the perfect size to combine all this into a delicious treat.

Hot chocolate is the perfect companion for those cold winter nights (and mornings and afternoons) when all you need is a little snuggle and warmth.

And here is a suggestion to combine two of our favourite drinks.

Add about 1/3 cup of a fruity red wine to your hot chocolate and simmer gently to bring it up to heat.

We love nibbling dark chocolate alongside a glass of red wine; the two flavours combined in a mug of hot chocolate is an unexpected treat.