Ordering & FAQ

How to Buy Chocolate

To order a product click on the 'buy now' icon. These items will go into your shopping basket. To go back to the chocolate shop click on the Continue Shopping icon. When you have finished shopping, click on the 'Go To Checkout' icon which will take you to our registration page. Here you fill in your preferred payment option, name and delivery details.

TEXT or Phone:
Text or call us on 027 2420206. If we're unable to answer your call, please leave a message or text with your contact phone number, and we will call you back to arrange your order.

Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping is FREE at ChocolatePost. You can select Free Gift wrap in the delivery section when you go through the checkout.

We have a wide range of gift wrap and ribbon colours available, if you have a special request for gift wrap you can use the message box or contact us with your request. Please note that the gift wrapping colours may vary according to stock on hand.

Send a Message With Your Gift

We are able to send a gift card with your message, as you go through the checkout just put your message in the message box. If you want to send a longer message please consider purchasing a gift card as our message tags only have room for a short message.

Payment Options

Secure Credit Card & Debit Card
You can order by Credit Card or Debit Card as you go through checkout. This method is fast, easy and secure. Our shop uses 128bit encryption so your credit card details are safe. We accept MasterCard and Visa. ChocolatePost complies with industry best practice and does not retain any identifiable credit card details.

Bank Direct Debit
This is also a fast and secure method of payment where money is debited from your account to ours via the internet. Choose this option as you proceed through checkout; and you will shortly be sent a confirmation email with our bank account details. Once you have deposited the funds into our account - with your name and order number as a reference - we will send your goods out.

If you are still at all uncertain about how to buy chocolate from Chocolate Post, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you deliver chocolate overseas?
A: We are happy to quote air freight to overseas destinations.

Q:  Can I come and have a look or pick up?

A:  By appointment only. We are both busy with other interests so are not always available.

      Phone 027 2420206 to arrange.

Q: How do I put a message to go with my gift?
A: As you go through check out there is a box for your message or use the "contact us" option with your instructions

Q: How do I order gifts for more than one person
A: The best way is to do each order individually, your computer will remember your address and payment details so it doesn't take long to do.

Q: My wedding is coming up and I would like to order some hearts when should I do this?
A: It is helpful to have 3 weeks notice for large heart orders, especially around Valentine's, Mothers' Day, Easter, and Christmas when the chocolate makers are busy. Most other times, 7 to 10 days is sufficient.

Q: Are you able to hold an order for delivery on a specific date?
A: Yes we are happy to hold orders - use the message box as you go through checkout or contact us with your request

Q: I only want to try one bar of chocolate - can I get a special freight price?
A: Contact us and we will see what we can do.